After 30 years devoted to composing music, I have returned to image making which I studied after leaving school. Over the last 3 years, I have produced a collection of images that show a strange mix of a novice’s rawness and energy combined with developed artistic sensibilities that are part of my music making. As the images evolved I noticed that my concerns for musical transformation, rhythm and form guided the way I went about making images. It was exciting to apply my skills in a new way. My work in computer music has involved a great deal of code writing that while powerful and interesting, is several steps removed from the final artistic result. The scope for direct physical expression was limited whereas the visual work I’ve been doing connected back to my body. Although our industrialised culture has (wrongly) lead us to think and behave like machines, at a fundamental level we think with our bodies. I rediscovered that my muscles know stuff and they where overjoyed that I started listening to them once more. I hope some of this joy rubs off on you.

Peter Mcilwain