Currently in development, On The Inside is a multi-channel sound installation for a cupboard that provides a theatrical mirco-space for presentation in public spaces. The installation will invite investigation by visitors. When approached sounds can be faintly heard coming form inside the wardrobe. When the wardrobe is tapped the sounds will respond. When the door is opened the soundscape will become brighter and more distinct.

The sounds will consist of recordings of the cupboard being played as a percussion instrument. Alex Meagher a graduate of The Australian Academy of Music will be employed for the recording sessions. Software will recombine these recordings to make a constantly evolving soundscape that will be intriguing, engaging and fun. 

On The Inside is portable and can be featured in multiple location during the course of a festival in the style of pop up art.
The installation is driven by a computer that governs the playback and responsiveness of the sound and lights. The design includes a light sensor inside the wardrobe that detects how open the door is which in turn regulates the playback of the soundscapes and the playback level. Each time the door is opened a different soundscape will be played.

The speakers are unusually positioned so that they sound through an in the cupboard - this utilises the acoustic and resonant characteristics of the cupboard creating the impression that the wardrobe is making the sounds.