Body Ex Wild is a sound installation that is proposed for the island in the lake of Birdsland Reserve. The installation will feature a multi-channel soundscape that is generated and controlled by a computer. The soundscape will consist of recorded sounds of local people doing vocal impressions of extinct animals. The artistic concept highlights the idea that we carry a connection with nature inside our bodies and by giving voice to that connection we signal our physical and psychological relationship with nature. 

Positioned on the inaccessible island, the installation will use the theatrical qualities of this feature. Sounds coming across the water will emphasise the separation between the audience and the subject. The effect will be mysterious, poignant and powerful while at the same time relatable and fun.

Local groups that are interested:
Kym Saunders from Yarra Ranges Council has advised that many environment volunteers would be interested in participating. As part of the planning phase of the project some kind of training run by the artist may be incorporated into volunteer participation. 
Installation Details
All equipment has been designed and configured by the artist and has been run successfully over multiple installations. It consists of:
• 9 channel sound system using small satellite speakers (sound level can be minimised due to the effects of sound propagation across water)
• equipment to be installed in a safe housing that is temperature regulated with automated venting
• equipment powered by a portable solar system 
• the installation is fully automated and can be programmed to run a recurring times each day. For the Birdsland installation it is likely (depending on the permissions process) that the installation will run for short periods hourly and that it will run only on weekends for a period of 8 to 10 weeks.
Initial Site Impact Assessment - Birdsland
Any human intervention in a site will cause a certain level of stress on wildlife. This includes the presence of people moving through the site. Given this the addition of a soundscape on the site at Birdsland will not contribute significantly to wildlife stress however the installation will be conducted with best practice in mind:
• experts on the effects of noise pollution on wildlife have previously been consulted and safe practice has been identified and will carried out - i.e. not running the installation during mating season, limiting sound level to the ambient level on site, limiting the periods of the installation so animals can communicate during the day. 
• further advice from Melbourne Water indicates that to safeguard the well being of the local platypus population sound should not be run at night 
• because there is minimal risk from tampering or theft the installation can be low impact with respect to attaching cables and speakers
installation speakers
installation speakers
setting cup on site - Mt Evelyn
setting cup on site - Mt Evelyn
Lung Trees Site equipment - Alfred Nicholas Gardens
Lung Trees Site equipment - Alfred Nicholas Gardens
equipment housing
equipment housing
equipment housing
equipment housing
Alternative Sites
Previously the artist has presented at sites across the shire except for the Belgrave area. This is the primary reason that Birdsland is the preferred site however two other sites have been identified: The Redwood Forest in Warburton East, Pirate Island, Lillydale Lake.  
Previous Work

Multichannel installation that encompassed community participation which has been staged in 4 locations across the Yarra Ranges Shire. Bird Child Spirit recently won the Yering Sculpture Award 2023 and was featured in the Southside Arts Festival Frankston 2024.

Bird Child Spirit, Mt Evelyn 2023

Lung Trees was featured in the iconic Bicentennial Conservatory in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens 2024. Previously presented at the Alfred Nichols Memorial Garden as part of the Burrinja Climate Change Biennale 2023.

This was a large scale project at Burrinja Cultural Centre that incorporated audience participation via the internet with a gallery exhibition of both sound and visual elements.  

Multichannel sound installation for the Wagga Wagga Festival of W, 2023.

More work can be seen at: 

Curriculum Vitae – Peter Mcilwain
Address: 58 Hazelvale Rd, Tecoma, VIC, 3160.
Phone: 0411538588

Professional summary
Extensive and diverse experience in creative arts, research and education. High level expertise in computer based art practice in both sound and graphics. Peter’s career is characterised by a unique ability to take on novel problems, finding creative and original solutions that incorporate sophisticated technology. He also has extensive experience in collaborative project management in creative and research contexts. His work has been recognised in national and international awards including the 2012 Eureka Prize for contributions to Computer Science for his work in computer software.

General Experience and Expertise
Composer specialising in: orchestral music, electronic music and computer generated music.
Sound design for installations for museums, theatre productions, film and live music performance. 
Academic Researcher in digital art practice including software process and design
Broad experience in the use of multimedia applications including web design
Visual artist focusing on works for galleries and public art
Graphic designer

Technical Skills
Expert in audio software and programming specifically: Logic Pro, Max MSP, Pure Data and various scripting languages (including Open GL Audio).
Advanced to Intermediate programming skills in visual aspects of Java, JavaScript, C++ and SQL data-basing and web programming (HTML, PHP and CSS).
Advanced to Intermediate graphic skills in: Illustrator, Photoshop and Blender (3d modelling and animation)
Intermediate skills in painting, drawing and printmaking.
Advanced skills in audio engineering. 

Masters degree in Music Composition (by research) at the University of Adelaide. 
First Class Honours Degree, Bachelor of Music in Composition at the University of Adelaide.
Graduate Certificate of Higher Education, Monash University: Modules 1 – 3
TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, NMIT 
Current Working With Children Check and Current Drivers licence. 

Yering Sculpture Award 2023 for Bird Child Spirit (sound installation)
Co-recipient of a 2012 Eureka Prize of Science for Innovations in Computer Science for the Nodal music software project.
Ars Nova International Competition of Electro-acoustic Music: Honourable Mention.
ABCFM Computer Music Awards.

2019 - Present : Freelance artist 
2014-19: Part-time Lecturer/Teacher RMIT University, Melbourne Polytechnic, sound design & composition.
2013: Freelance composer & Part-time Lecturer/Teacher NMIT & Lecturer Coll Arts, Sound Production.
2011- 2012: Freelance composer, Casual Lecturer/Teacher  Box Hill Institute, NMIT, Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. Causal Researcher Griffith University
1998 - 2011: Appointed as Lecturer in Composition and Music Technology, School of Music – Conservatorium, Monash University. In this role, research activities were conducted as part of the ground-breaking Centre for Electronic Media Arts.

Community Work
Member of the the Hills Community Recovery Committee - Yarra Ranges Council
Member of the Birdsland Interest Group 
Former executive member of the Australiasian Computer Music Assciation (including 5 years as President).

Associate Professor Alan Dorin
Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University
Phone: 03 990 53576
Mob: 04111990186

Anna Reid
Cultural Development Officer, Yarra Ranges Council
9294 6670 / 0437 270 701

Artistic Activities
Public Art Commissions/Grants
Bird Child Spirit - South Side Festival commission  2024
Lung Trees - Nature Festival Adelaide Botanic Gardens - Oct 2023
Many Dances - City of Wagga Wagga for the Festival of W - July 2023
Lung Trees - Burrinja Climate Change Biennale - Jan-Feb 2023
Bird Child Spirit - four sound and visual installations with community engagement Yarra Ranges Council 2022 - 23
Pathmarker Birds: for the Ridgewalk Project (Yarra Ranges Council) 2022  
Artwork for Parklet - Yarra Ranges Council 2021

Birdsland Series - 9 linocut prints acquired by Yarra Ranges Regional Museum 2021 

Solo Exhibitions
Birdsland Picnic Ground 2020 - funded by Yarra Ranges Council
Montsalvat Gallery 2019
Memo Gallery 2018

Group Exhibitions
Linden Gallery Postcard Exhibition 2020
Montsalvat Bush Fire Relief Exhibition 2020
Black Cat Gallery 2020

Multimedia Installations
VAULT : The NonStop Performing History of Circus Oz, Melbourne Festival 2014, commission for sound design and software programming.
Imaginary Ornithology commission via Arts Victoria grant for Burrinja, Upwey Australia, 2012-13.
Codeform commission from Jon McCormack via Ars Electonica, computer generated audiovisual work, Linz Austria, 2012.
Eyes on Earth commission from Science Works Museum for a 16 channel sound design, with stereographic computer generated animation 2007
Zoom In Close Up commission from Melbourne Museum for a 32 channel sound design, with stereographic photography 2006.
The Deep commission from Melbourne Museum for a 32 channel sound design, with stereographic computer generated animation 2006.

Abridged Musical Activity
A-Kuridi commission from Monash Countrylines Archive, sound design and composition for computer animation film, Melbourne, 2012-13.
Fly Circuit commission from Högskolan för scen och musik, Goteborg, Sweden 2011.
Sub for 8 channels, Music in the Round Festival, 2009, Australasian Computer Music Conference 2008, (5.1 DVD ), in The Anthology of Computer Music 2010 by the Computer Music Journal, MIT Press.
Sound design, programming and live signal processing for Eight Songs for a Mad King, Music in the Round Festival, 2008.
Instrument Landscape # 3 (5.1 DVD), in The International Computer Music Conference 2006 by the International Computer Music Association, also performed live at the ICMC USA, Ars Nova Awards - Czech Republic, Sweden, and at the Australasian Computer Music Conference 2008. Received a Honourable Mention in the International Ars Nova Awards also published on CD UnFenced 2007 by the Australasian Computer Music Association.