Proposed location for the installation is Eastone Reserve Pakenham (know locally as Cardinia Lakes) 

Looking across the lake to the installation site

Installation site on the right

Installation site

Site Location

Sound Material
Creak, Rattle, Click, Chirp, Croak, Whirr, Quack, Honk, Gobble, Waddle, Flap, Coo, Trumpet, Peep, Trill, Warble, Cluck, Ribbit, Swoop, Splash, Purr, Rumble, Murmur, Squawk, Gurgle, Buzz, Rustle, Flutter, Hiss, Whistle, Hoot, Squeak, Clatter, Roar, Grunt, Twang, Sizzle, Thump, Plop, Hum, Slurp.

Instruments: guiros, rasps, rattles, thumb pianos, claves, blocks, shakers, creak boxes, bullroarers, wind wands, xylophones